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I’m A Master Gardener!

After five-months of practicums, weekly classes, and a grueling 100-question exam, I graduated from the Sonoma County Master Gardener program! Here I am with my … certificate? Degree? Anyway, I’m a Master Gardener now.


Hello 2020!

Hello 2020! For the first day of the new year, I took a falconry lesson on a cliff in La Jolla, California. A lanner falcon swooped through the air and landed on my arm while the ocean crashed below and paragliders took […]


2017 Was A Dumb Year, Hello 2018!

While everyone was moaning about 2016, personally it was a great year for me. But 2017 was pretty dumb. Just before Christmas, Kyle’s grandmother Ruth passed away. We just came back from her funeral in Kentucky. For much of the fall, most […]


Kitchen Is Done!

We have successfully remodeled our kitchen. This is something we’ve wanted to do for nine years, since moving into this house in 2007. Here’s what the kitchen used to look like: As you can see, the kitchen that came with the house […]