What’s going on with you? Here’s some things going on with me:


I’m harvesting hops. I have at least 15 ounces of Cascade and Sterling hops from the garden. Kyle is going to make a beer with them.

I’m sewing a shirt. I got so sick of the fashion options in the store that I took a pattern from an old shirt and am trying to recreate it. I’ll put up a picture if it works out.

I’m reading Ulysses. I’m embarrassed that I’ve never read James Joyce’s masterpiece, so I’m plowing through it. So far I like it.

I’ve read some other good books.
Lately I’ve enjoyed My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard, The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro, and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

Kyle has a new job.
He’s Vice President of Engineering Ops for Final.

We’re going to Europe soon. I’m trying to get a bunch of work done before then. Better get back to it.

One more picture of the this year’s garden harvest. Notice the grapes.


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