I’ve decided to make updating this blog more of a priority, for now at least. Old-fashioned-bullet-update-go!

* We took a four-day, much-needed vacation in a cabin on the coast. Pictures soon.

* Kyle is writing a book. I am writing a book. I’m surprised Gideon isn’t writing a book.

* I have tons of zucchini coming in from the garden. I froze 14 bags already. I don’t even know what to do. I guess make zucchini relish?

* Next week, I’m buying tickets to go to Amsterdam and Belgium. It will be my first overseas vacation since having a baby.

* I’m almost scared to post links to all the articles I’ve written in the last few months. Stay tuned for a round-up post.

* Did you know that the dresses the women wear in Gustav Klimt paintings really existed? They were designed by a woman called Emilie Flo╠łge.


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