Hey! I’m going to be speaking at AWP 2015 in Minneapolis this April. My panel is called “Yes, Writing Is a Job: People Who Get Paid To Write.”

Marcia Simmons, Ken Walker and Nora Maynard will be joining me. We’ll be talking about the ups and downs of being full-time writers. Here’s the official event description.

Yes, Writing Is a Job: People Who Get Paid To Write

Believe it or not, it’s possible to make a living writing. Four working writers from diverse backgrounds will talk about how they make ends meet through article writing, blogging, nonfiction books, and other projects. We’ll discuss how we get work, the financial realities of the publishing world, and our struggle to balance writing for money with creative endeavors that are closer to our hearts (but harder on our pocketbooks).

SO! I hope you will come see me speak in April. Come say hi if you do.

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