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It’s unsettling that California has decided to skip winter. The governor declared a major drought emergency. Accuweather says no rain until February 23. (And apparently there will be “abundant sunshine” on February 14th.)

It’s scary, but the sunshine is also making me want to garden. I will not garden, however! It’s still January.

Gardening is a huge hobby of mine. Last year I grew $1,300 worth of vegetables and fruit in my garden, including 759 lemon cucumbers, 750 tomatoes, 1,226 green beans, 774 blueberries, and 128 zucchini. Here are some pictures of the garden, just because.

joy garden
Two Zucchini Plants


Loaded Hop Vine


Crazy Cucumber Plant


Leeks, Beans, Carrots, and Beets


What does no rain in winter mean for the garden this year? I don’t know.

Anyway, maybe we’ll still get rain. Maybe it’ll pour all spring. I hope so.

Otherwise, at the very least, I’m looking at a very high water bill this year.

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