Last week I went to Michigan for work. We left the day after Gideon’s first birthday. The day before his birthday, he took his first step. The day after, he went in an airplane for the first time. Go-getter!

Gideon was patient on the plane and seemed to think traveling was a great adventure—except for when he was in the car seat. Then he cried and cried. Gideon hates being strapped on his back like a beetle. To make it up to him, we went to a zoo in Lansing where they let you get close to the animals. Pictures:

I forgot what the last thing was called, but it was adorable. It’s a large rodent, some kind of hare.

This was one of those zoos that have peacocks wandering around everywhere. I had forgotten how stunning these birds are.

It’s funny how the most stunning things can seem ordinary. Then one day, you’ll see them with fresh eyes and realize how amazing they really are.

(A peacock with its tortoise friend.)

Peacocks are from India. But did you know there’s also a green peacock? It’s from Southeast Asia. It seems more exciting than the blue peacock because it’s less ubiquitous. In fact, it’s endangered. Also, look at it:



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