Check it out! Gideon is in the current issue of Make Magazine. He’s holding a rolling hedgehog toy that Kyle made for him through our Printrbot. That is to say, Kyle printed the toy out in plastic. Here’s a bigger picture of it:

3d printing rolling hedgehog baby toy

How this came about is: my friend Laura works at Make and she told me that they were doing an issue on 3D printing. Kyle is very into 3D printing lately, so he offered several things he made for them to use in the magazine, including some of Gideon’s baby toys. They decided to get some shots of a baby using the toy and so sent a photographer over to shoot Gideon. He mostly stared at the camera like, why are you doing that?, but there was at least one decent shot, which they ended up using in the table of contents.

They also used several of Kyle’s items, including:

a. Baby keys, which he made by enlarging a plastic copy of our friend’s house key and attaching it on a plastic ring.

b. A converter that lets you turn an AA battery into a C battery, something I didn’t even know you could do.

c. A spout for our watering can. The spout broke, so Kyle printed a new one and attached it to the can with duct tape. It works fine now.

My watering can is famous.

Learn more about Make here.

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