I know, you have been expecting me to write about Spain on here. And I will. But in the meantime, here is our new car: a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible.

joy lanzendorfer 1970 karmann ghia

My 1993 Honda Civic is on its last legs, so we needed a new car. (Or should I say “new”?) We bought this Karmann Ghia from a cute little German lady who bought the car straight from the factory showroom in Germany in 1970, had it shipped over to the USA when she moved here, and has been driving it ever since. She has kept immaculate care of the car. We are its second owners in its 40 year lifetime.

joy lanzendorfer 1970 karmann ghia

We decided to get a classic car for lots of reasons, including: the high resale value, Kyle’s desire to learn how to fix cars, the pleasure of sticking it to the current car companies (and their prices), and the coolness factor. Karmann Ghias are a mixture of Italian design–the body is made by the same firm that designed Porsche bodies–and German mechanics, which is kind of mind boggling and awesome.

joy lanzendorfer 1970 karmann ghia

I’m a little nervous about owning such an old car, but so far it is a lot of fun.

joy lanzendorfer 1970 karmann ghia

Karmann Ghia!

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  1. Justin

    So California. Hot. Great find.

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