I’m back from a trip to Portland. It has been so hot around here this summer that I half-intended to move to Portland so I can remember what rain is like, but I’m over that now. However, we had a great time in my former home. Kyle, Marcia, and I drove up there together, and then Kyle went to a Linux conference while Marcia and I hung out. I will put up a bigger post on the trip later on, but wanted to share this picture of Kyle by Shawn Powers.

joy lanzendorfer shawn powers takes of picture of kyle rankin bacon donut

That is a maple donut with bacon on top. Luckily Kyle had his “Bacon is a Vegetable” shirt on, so he was prepared for the event.

2 thoughts on “Back From Portland

  1. Justin

    Ok, it’s decided, we definitely need to head to Dynamo to compare. I’m interested in some of the other varieties as well, esp Caramel de Sel, Vanilla Bean, and Banana de Leche…

  2. joy

    Ok! I have to admit, I’m jealous of all the bacon donut eating that is going on around me. I would like to have my day in the -bacon-donut sun.

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