The last day in Puerto Rico was jam packed. We went swimming in the ocean and we drove all the way down the side of the country and had a picnic on another, wilder beach, eating giant grapes and pineapple juice and Puerto Rican pastries. I saw the Caribbean Sea. We went to a lighthouse and saw old sugar plantations. It was a swell time. Pictures!

Typical scenery out the car

I kind of liked this picture

A lagoon off the beach

A local’s car

Bamboo driftwood

What happened to the top of those trees?

Beach from the lighthouse

An incredibly aerodynamic bird.

That’s it! I have officially told you about my trip. Voila!

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  1. […] I started out 2009 saying I wanted to be more active, but then the snow mobiling trip I was planning got canceled, which sort of punctured that ambition. Still, it’s not like I did nothing all year. Here are some of the highlights: * I went to Puerto Rico with Kyle. […]

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