egg shell by Joy Lanzendorfer

1. I have sequestered myself in my office, hiding from this ridiculous heatwave. It seems to be fading back to normal spring now, and nature is doing things outside. For example, new birds have taken up residence in this nest by my front door. I found half of an egg on the ground yesterday (pictured above), so I guess the babies have hatched already.

2. For some reason, I’m obsessed with the color turquoise. It’s the weirdest thing. One day turquoise was just another color and the next, anything painted turquoise is the coolest, most vibrant, most edgy thing to me. It’s so strange that I could be into a color, like being into a band or into an author, but it feels like the same thing. I am sincerely excited about turquoise, especially the lighter shades of it.

3. I am also into tulips. For Easter, I picked one from my garden to have under the TV and then I had several store-bought bouquets scattered around the house. Finally the flowers all died and I went to put them in the new compost bin. The one that I had picked from my garden had opened wide and was filled with aphids. I was horrified. These disgusting, icky, plant-killing bugs had been in my house for over a week feasting on my tulip. I went right over to my basil and fuchsia plant, afraid the aphids had spread, but they were bug free. The aphids hadn’t gotten on any of the store-bought tulips either, just that one flower from my garden. It was weird and slightly disturbing.

4. I have a feeling aphids are going to be a problem this year….

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