I watched the Twilight movie out of curiosity. At first I thought it was boring, and then I realized it was hilarious. I was laughing my head off throughout the entire thing. After all, it is little more than an adaptation of a sexless romance novel, and romance novels are funny. I still plan to read the books because I like to keep up on literary trends–I can only hope they make me laugh the way the movie did. For example:

* Her name is Bella Swan. HA HA HA HA really??? Beautiful swan???? That’s really the character’s name?

* The part where he starts to make out with her and then he throws himself across the room and yells “NO!”

* His skin sparkles in the sunlight like diamonds.

* Even though this girl has the personality of a rock and is really not as pretty as her name would suggest, every boy in this town asks her out.

* The vampire plays sexy piano music while she looks on in amazement.

* Brooding looks. Seriously, they should design a drinking game around the brooding looks in this movie.

* “Cool. Let’s go fly in some trees.”

3 thoughts on “Twilight Was Hilarious

  1. justin

    Get ready for The Cake Eaters… Haven’t seen Twilight, but I was like, *where* have I seen that mopey girl before.

  2. joy

    Wow it’s like if Arnie of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape were a girl and starred in his own quirky romantic comedy.

  3. Leona

    I couldn’t believe how boring that girl was and how surly their smoldering looks were. I would subtitle their scene in science class, “I smell poo.”

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