On Saturday, Marcia and I took advantage of the amazing weather and went for a hike by Lake Sonoma near Geyserville.

The trail we hiked was called Boar Scat Trail. There were several warnings about wild boars on the sign for the park, so we were hoping to see one. Mostly we saw flowering bushes–nature seems to think it is springtime–and pityings of doves. Finally though, we did get to see a wild boar. Unfortunately, it was dead. We ran into some hunters who had just killed one and were carrying it on a stick between them ala Lord of the Flies. I took a picture:

photo by Joy Lanzendorfer

Afterwards, we found place on top of a hillside and had a picnic. The views from up there were neato.

photo by Joy Lanzendorfer
Lake Sonoma

photo by Joy Lanzendorfer

photo by Joy Lanzendorfer

photo by Joy Lanzendorfer
Some other hikers

I really liked this hike. It’s challenging enough to break a sweat but you are rewarded for your work with lots of gorgeous views. I recommend it.

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  1. Krista

    Wasn’t the weather amazing this weekend?! In fact on my lunch it was clear, blue sky, and 68 degrees. This weekend we went on a bike ride, a walk/run, and another walk. Ahhhhh. Next weekend looks to be more of the same! Yay!

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