I have a couple of articles coming out. In the most recent issue of Bay Nature, I wrote an article looking at the Pacific leatherback turtle. This amazing turtle–the biggest turtle in the world, in fact–migrates through the Bay Area every year. I would love to see one. Here’s an excerpt:

Go sailing off the coast in late summer and you might not notice a Pacific leatherback turtle when one swims past you, even though it is the largest turtle in the world—it can grow up to 1,500 pounds. A solitary creature, it glides smoothly through the water, its mottled blue-gray back blending in with its surroundings and obscuring its huge bulk. From beneath, it is covered with white spots, which help it blend in against the sun-dappled ocean surface.

More here.

In last week’s Pacific Sun, I wrote an article on the newest wedding trend: green weddings. Some people are trying to make their weddings more environmentally friendly. Take a look at the article here.

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