I have an article in the most recent North Bay Bohemian on ICE’s raids of Marin County apartment complexes. If you haven’t heard, ICE is sweeping Bay Area apartment complexes to arrest illegal immigrants, but they are also using the raids as an excuse to interrogate other people about their immigration status–including people who are here legally. The article doesn’t appear to be online yet, but if you are in the North Bay, pick up a copy and check it out.

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  1. Able Danger

    Hi Joy,

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve writing about this..good for you.


  2. Krista

    There is also a new program out there called OPT (Optional Practical Training). This F1 program extends to students, post graduation, the appearance of ability to work in the US. Coincidentally, this program is open to industries that attract graduates with degrees that are popular overseas. What it does is give these students a sense of hope that they are able to stay until they reach eligibility for an EAC. In actuality, in order to become an OPT employer, the employer must register with the Government and report on ALL of their employees and their right to work status as long as the company continues to exist. This program is not even fully developed and “more rules are to follow” therefore discouraging employers from getting involved not to mention the cost to participate, attorneys fees, and administrative burden. Furthermore, you only have that employee for 17 months. This is essentially intermediary immigration reform. As far as I know, we didn’t have a say in this.

  3. joy

    Chris and Krista–Thanks! Krista, I didn’t know about that. That is really icky.

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