Yesterday, Kyle was invited to speak at Google about remastering Knoppix. Here is a video of his speech.

If you have used Knoppix long enough, you have probably eventually decided you would like to tweak it to add a setting or package. Most people resort to the full remastering process–uncompressing and changing the loopback file system–and are faced with a complicated, time-consuming process. In this talk Kyle Rankin will discuss a number of different methods you can use to change Knoppix’s default behavior while bypassing the compressed loopback file system

Also, Kyle is handsome!

3 thoughts on “Kyle’s Google Talk

  1. Troy Vera

    You gave a great presentation Kyle. Concise, well organized and very informative.

    It’s refreshing when the presenter doesn’t try too hard and dislocate their shoulder by patting themselves on the back. You have accomplished an impressive level of success yet can let your craft and knowledge ‘speak’ for itself and that’s one of your great strengths.

    Great job again and you did look rather dapper, Joy’s right.

  2. Leona

    So cool!

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    […] kept going. I filled the Japanese notebook up and pulled out this red notebook we got as swag when Kyle did a talk at Google, and started writing in that. Now I have filled that one half full and I show no sign of slowing […]

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