Did you hear that the FDA decided that cloned meat and milk are safe to eat? I looked into this issue for my newest article in the North Bay Bohemian.


THE Food and Drug Administration may think cloned animals are ready to enter our food supply, but some local ranchers and dairy farmers do not. In fact, they are concerned that this new technology may put our food supply at risk. And once that happens, it’s hard to go back.

Opponents say that it’s just too soon for this new technology to enter our food supply. After researching and writing this article, I’ll say I tend to agree with them. Although I understand the FDA’s argument that cloned meat looks and acts like all other meat and it’s therefore logical to assume it’s safe, I found myself wondering what the rush is here. Allowing cloned meat and dairy isn’t even something the ranchers particularly want at this point–although those companies coming up with the cloning technology certainly do.

This article was also picked up in the Metro Silicon Valley.

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  1. Tim

    I don’t understand why they’re so gung-ho about putting this on the market. I agree with you – what’s the rush? And why can’t it be labeled?

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