I have the cover story in the Pacific Sun this week. It’s an interview with David Roche, who has written a new book called the Church of 80% Sincerity. I really enjoyed the conversation I had with David. Here is an excerpt:

“I am facially disfigured,” writes David Roche. “Woven through the left side of my face, head and neck, extending into my soft palate and airway, is a benign congenital tumor consisting of my own engorged and tangled veins and capillaries. My left cheek is tuberous and misshapen. My dark bluish-purple tongue is twice the normal size.”

So begins David Roche’s book, The Church of 80% Sincerity, which is being released this month by Penguin Group. Roche, who lives in Mill Valley, now makes a living off of his face. He tours around the world giving motivational speeches about what it’s like to be facially disfigured.

Read more here.

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