This weekend, I made Spanakopita for the first time, went thrift store shopping in the rain, visited the San Jose Museum of Art, and had Indian buffet (among other things).

The art museum is one of my favorites in the Bay Area. I find that the art they have there is often more relevant and interesting to me than art in other museums in the area.

This time, they had series of Picasso sketches and Goya etchings. The etchings were Goya at his creepiest. They are called Los Caprichos, a set of 80 etchings that are satires of the church, society, etc. Even though Goya made these etchings in 1799, they are still disturbing to look at what with the witches and goblins and decapitations and pedophilia and whatnot. This is, after all, the man who painted Saturn Devouring His Son.

Church in San Jose shot through an art museum window.

We also hit the thrift store jackpot this weekend. I got:

Three owl trivets

A fondue set

A $15 leather office chair

Also: A monkey bowl, a vintage casserole dish, a water timer for sprinklers, a scoop for the cat food, and a new (never worn) shirt. There’s something so satisfying in bargains.

6 thoughts on “Goya and the Office Chair

  1. Leona

    Good entry! My favorites are when you talk about a thing and show lots of pictures. I like that chair, and I have a weird thing for trivets. Also: I have a magnet of Saturn Devouring His Sons on my refrigerator. My old roommate made me hide it because it upset her. 🙂

  2. marcia

    Museum children are usually crying and unhappy. Some because they are bored. But the ones who are really unhappy and cry are the ones who aren’t bored .. because they are engaged enough to know that most art is disturbing.

    The Goya etchings were awesome.

  3. Krista

    Love the chair! Great find. Isn’t San Jose great?! If I wasn’t in class that day I could have made an excellent tour guide.

  4. Avi

    Hey Joy,
    If you like the Goya etchings, the Berkeley Art Museum had a set of his etchings about war. Probably equally disturbing as the ones you saw in San Jose.


  5. Joy

    Thanks everyone! Avi, thanks for letting me know about the Berkeley exhibit. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  6. Joy Lanzendorfer » Decorating DIY

    […] The fabric is from some upholstery samples I have had lying around for awhile. (My chair is missing one of its buttons because it is a thrift store find and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it.) […]

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