2006 was full of excitement and socializing. By contrast, 2007 was much slower and more introspective. In some ways I like that better, but there’s less to brag about at the end of it all.

My accomplishments for 2007 included:

Published in many magazines and newspapers
Bought a house
Judged a book contest
Drove across the U.S.A. (WHILE IN ESCROW, I might add)
Celebrated my 5-year wedding anniversary
Held the Word Pirates reading at the Phoenix

Got a kitten
Kyle published the sequel to Knoppix Hacks
Went to an opera
Planted a garden
Went wine tasting, hiking, picnics, the zoo, etc.
Read over 80 books
Held a Kentucky Derby Party
Opened an Etsy store
Went to concerts and festivals
Painted, knitted, made jewelry, and was artsy in general

3 thoughts on “2007 New Year’s Survey

  1. marcia

    You also saw Modest Mouse in concert. So did I!

  2. joy

    oh yeah! Thanks! They were good.

  3. Nocat

    Great list of accomplishments but did you get something in jewelry like beautiful The Fleur de Lys design should be added to the list don’t you think. You might want to check out Adler’s Jewelry features many Fleur de Lys items and has recently introduced a Fleur de Lys ‘Believe Bracelet.’

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