We’re moved into the house. It took four good friends, two solid days, and lots and lots of boxes, bags, and milk cartons, but here we are.

It’s strange to break your life down and move it to a new place. It made me think a lot about why I have so much stuff. Even though I took three trips to the goodwill after the garage sale, as I unpack, I keep putting things in a goodwill box again. No one needs this many mugs or books or clothes. My rule now: If I haven’t used it in a year and it isn’t, say, my wedding dress, I’m getting rid of it. I feel like I’m drowning in my possessions, and that’s exactly how I don’t want to feel.

On a happier note, I derive a lot of joy from every little thing that is pulling the house together. You really don’t admire the plates on electrical outlets until you live without them for awhile. And I picked a green paint for my office, one that I’m 87% sure will work with the new floors and my design idea. Such a relief. Also, we bought a chandelier for the dining room. Light! At last!

So yeah, things are coming together. We have a lot to do. There are boxes to unpack, rooms to paint, and bathrooms to remodel. But I like this house. I’m thankful for it. And hey, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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  1. marcia

    I think we’re a weird country that the storage industry is so big here. We have a lot of stuff! I am not one who has a lot of stuff. But I also live in a drawer. I am curious what will happen when I actually have somewhere to put things.

  2. Leona!


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