Quick Facts:

  • Distance Traveled: 601 miles
  • Temperature: Hot with weird hot wind
  • Hotel: The Stratosphere, the one shaped like a space needle
  • Dinner: A surprisingly good sea bass at the Luxor, the one shaped like a pyramid

The drive over was smooth and fast, considering. The Mojave Desert was hot but not unbearable, especially since we spent most of the drive under a sheet of clouds.


This is the second time I’ve been to Vegas. I put a dollar into a slot machine and did not win. One lady was not wearing pants–she was wearing white leggings circa 1989 and a red polka-dot shirt, and the leggings were completely see-through. Two old guys with stringy hair were filming a handsome young man walking down the Vegas Strip for a movie or TV show. The actor was looking up at the lights in a country-mouse-in-the-city kind of way, and he didn’t break character even when the old guy shooed a woman out of his path by shouting “Clear!” Everything is so dramatic in Vegas. I suggested to Kyle we get matching “Sin City Kitty” tee-shirts, but he wouldn’t go for it.

It was fun, but Vegas is getting so expensive. Where was the free food? The $2 margaritas? Will people keep coming here when they realize all that’s going away?

Probably. But I won’t.

Today, I am going to … Gallup, New Mexico … possibly? Adventure!

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  1. […] I am still over Las Vegas, but since Kyle’s work is sending him out there for a week to fix servers, I figured I would tag along. Ah, the beauties of being self-employed. […]

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