Yesterday, Kyle and I signed papers on a house. Today we are officially in escrow. In 30 days, we will most likely (80% chance?) be home owners.

The house is almost 1,300 sf with a two-car garage There’s room for my office, a guest room, a dining room, and an entire garage for Kyle to make into his computer paradise. There’s also a huge yard with room for a patio, lawn, English-garden, veggie garden, fruit trees, and even a grape arbor or greenhouse. There’s even the perfect place for a secret bookshelf that opens up for a doorway ala Clue.

The house is, as my dad said, the perfect fixer-upper. Nothing is wrong with it, it just needs cosmetic work–new floors, paint, appliances. All weekend I have been thinking about things like tile and paint colors and the kind of wood I like. Turns out I have few opinions on these subjects, and thinking about it all is a tad overwhelming.

So today I feel like a grown up. Apparently, I am one of those people who talks about mortgages and different kinds of flooring now. This isn’t me, is it? So weird…

8 thoughts on “I Went Into Escrow

  1. Troy Vera

    Wow, congrats! We will keep you in our prayers and we’re here for you if you need any advice or help, let us know! What would you call it, Der RankinHaus?

  2. Dennis

    Lookin forward to pictures on the gallery. Please let me know when their up and will continue to look for new info on your blog. Allready thinking of house warming gifts. Glad to hear theirs a guest rooom….just kidding. I know they’ll be righting and computer stuff in their. Tacoma Dad

  3. Justin Watt

    Impeccable timing! There’s a new movie coming out for you guys: Closing Escrow 🙂

  4. Don Rankin

    Good for you. Nothing like owning a home of your own..Kyle will be learning all kinds of new stuff. Like paining, woodwork, plumbing etc.

    Uncle Don

  5. Sandy Fuller

    Congratulations!! Purchasing a home can be pretty traumatic, just take it one day at a time. You’ll be glad you bought instead of renting. I look forward to pictures of before and after.

    Aunt Sandy

  6. Mom

    What an exciting day!!! Both of you make me so proud and I thank God for blessing you. Love, Mom

  7. joy

    Thanks everyone! We are excited.

  8. Real Estate » I Went Into Escrow

    […] alanjay wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptToday we are officially in escrow. In 30 days, we will most likely (80% chance?) be home owners. The house is almost 1300 sf with a two-car garage. It is not an adorable Victorian, but it is three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. … […]

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