I just got back from a picnic on a hillside overlooking the ocean near Jenner. It was perfect weather, lovely company, and delicious food. There was also a wooly bear caterpillar which apparently turns into an Isabella Tiger Moth. I was excited because I hadn’t seen one of those caterpillars since I was a little kid.

It was weekend of views. Aside from spending an afternoon looking at the ocean, I went to the Sierra Mountains and visited my parents. We took a drive up the pass and I tried out the camera, which continues to amaze me. Setting actually makes a difference! It’s so fast! Details come out! I mean, you can count these pine needles:

Some other pictures:

This fisherman caught a trout a few minutes later

The road with the mountains in the background

Colorful foliage

Castle rock and clouds

2 thoughts on “The Sierras On Labor Day

  1. Troy Vera

    I tag you for the questionnaire in reverse… *boomp*

  2. Leona

    The new camera really is good! I am very impressed!

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