On Saturday, Marcia and I went for a hike at the Jack London park in Glen Ellen. We saw the ruins of the house of a famous writer, a mountain, vineyards, lots of dragonflies, and lizards–including the blue-tailed skink. We tasted blackberries along the trail, side-stepped poison oak, and were almost attacked by a giant butterfly. Then we ate our sandwiches by a green lake. Finally, on the way back, we had a good long look at a baby deer. It reminded me of Quill.


jl park
Woman sketching the park.

Old tree.

JL park lake
The green lake

Weird thing sitting in the lake. Marcia and I couldn’t figure out what Jack London used it for.

Another shot of the lake.

Red dragonfly

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  1. Justin

    That “Weird thing” picture is radically surreal. Great shot.

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