The other week I played hooky and went to the zoo. There was almost no one there and I got close to the animals. I liked the owl that swiveled its head to stare at me and the monkeys with handlebar mustaches, but best of all were the flamingos.

I had no idea that flamingos were so weird. They snort like pigs. They stand in hostile groups and then start fighting over nothing, their long necks twisting around like snakes. Their eyes are scaly and yellow. They aren’t pink so much as orange.

The signs said that scientists aren’t sure why flamingos stand on one leg. Most likely is has something to do with preserving body heat. In any case, I could have watched them for hours.

They were starting to fight here.

7 thoughts on “I Enjoy Flamingos

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  2. Justin

    Nice photos. I’ve never been to that Zoo. Or another other zoo in a long time.

  3. Kate

    Yes, they are strange and strangely beautiful. Thanks for the great photos.

  4. Troy Vera

    I was surprised to hear that they honk along much like geese. And they are pink because … they eat shrimp and shellfish and are colored by the cochlear extract from the inside out.

    They are very bendy birds and rather intriguing indeed. Much maligned since Matt Dillon did that cheesy 80s movie with their name, and the whole lawn ornament thing.

    Didja know that the number of lawn flamingos exceeds the number of actual birds on the planet?

    I’m a fountain of useless information, unless it becomes pertinent.

  5. joy

    Thanks all. Glad you like the pictures. Troy, thanks for the factoids. I did in fact know all those things, except the bit about them honking. They didn’t honk when I saw them–snorted like hogs. But I bet they can honk too. I wish they had.

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