We got a kitten!

new kitten

He is two months, supposedly, though the vet says if he is, he is big for that age. He’s a Siamese/Lynx Tail mix. His tail looks a little bit like someone dipped a feather in ink, so we named him Quill.

Miles hasn’t hissed or growled at the kitten, but his nose it definitely out of joint. He hasn’t slept on the bed since we got Quill, and he has only purred in my lap for two very brief intervals.

That said, he and the kitten seem to like each other. They are grooming each other a little bit and spend hours playing a game where Miles stares at the kitten while the kitten hops around and bats at things for Miles’ benefit. When the kitten comes too close, Miles makes a snippy meow noise. Then, all of a sudden, they will run to a different part of the house and start all over again. It’s all fine except for when it suddenly goes too far and Miles will put his mouth around the kitten’s throat. I don’t like that, even though I really don’t think Miles would bite. Because of this, I have to watch them play this game, which never seems to end. In fact, they are doing it right now.

Quill again
and again
Erm… It’s laundry day.

8 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. Rebecca Davis Winters

    Joy, that is so wonderful! What a cute kitten.

    Reminds me of a wonderful cat I used to have named Mogwi.

  2. Kat!

    You should name him Sam…and his “show” name (which are notoriously long and often silly-sounding) should be Sam Quills Paws In The Ink, Esq.

    He is a cutiepie! What does his meow sound like?

  3. Laura

    Falcore was what I first thought, but that’s not that much fun to say, so I definitely think that cat’s name is Punchy.

  4. Paul

    I have a friend whos cat is named “inker” always thought that was cute. I would name him after a famous poet, however I am not one to really read a ton of poetry.


  5. joy

    Thanks everyone! I really like that you like my kitten. I put up some new pictures for your enjoyment.

  6. Joy Lanzendorfer » The Spark

    […] But as soon as I walked in on Saturday, I was … unexcited. No matter how logically I could see how the house would work for us, I didn’t feel that spark that I have felt every time something is right for me. It is a yes! feeling, a sense of things sliding together and clicking in place. I knew I would marry Kyle almost immediately because of the spark. I know when clothes fit me well because of the spark. When I saw Quill, I was so sure of the spark I didn’t even want to look at the other kittens in the cage. […]

  7. […] Quill the kitten […]

  8. Samantha

    Cutest thing ever!

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