I’ve been wanting to see Flogging Molly live for a long time, so on Saturday, we went to the Oyster and Beer Fest in San Francisco. The cost for admissions for a full day of music was a reasonable $15. The festival took place on a green lawn overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a lovely day. People seemed in a good mood. The price for food and drink wasn’t bad, considering. And yes, there were lines, but we got to skip the major one because we bought our tickets ahead, so I didn’t mind.

We met up with Robin, who was hanging out with his co-workers, and Rachel, who was hanging out with her friend Lindsay. Flogging Molly is awesome live. Of the three concerts I’ve been to lately, they were the most fun. I was able to get right down by the stage while they played, although my pictures of the band aren’t that great. By the end, we were all dancing jigs by the palm tree.

The crowd by the stage listening to a rollicking song. San Franciscans can be so reserved.

Robin and beer
Robin, with a beer in his pocket

Girl in Red
Random girl in red

Kyle and Rachel
Kyle and Rachel talk

This guy had attitude

Robin and his friends cheering Flogging Molly’s finale

I will start talking about my writing life on here again presently. In the meantime, here’s some Flogging Molly.

Update: Marcia wrote about the festival too.

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