It was the weekend of festivals. On Saturday, I went to the San Francisco Oyster and Beer Fest to see the band Flogging Molly. On Sunday, I went to Maker Faire in San Mateo, which is put on by O’Reilly to promote Craft and Make Magazines. I took lots of pictures, too many for one entry, so I will split it up into two.

I will start with the second part of the weekend, the Maker Faire.


As an O’Reilly author, Kyle was asked to host the “Hacker’s Lemonade Stand,” where he answered questions about Knoppix, Ubuntu, or Linux Multimedia. Here he is at the booth helping some girls:

Kyle at the booth

I, on the other hand, wandered around and looked at the crafts at the Bazaar Bizarre and all the exhibits. I saw robots, strange-looking bicycles, and explosions. But one of the neatest things for me was walking into the Make Store where O’Reilly was selling its books and seeing not one, but two, giant posters of the covers of Kyle’s books hanging on the wall. Here is the picture of the Knoppix Hacks poster (he’s almost done with the update of that book, by the way).


Wandering around, I got tons of article ideas and ended up buying some coasters and an art print. Here are some pictures:

The main room of the fair

This kid was playing a video game using that plane as a controller

pirate guy
Pirate guy

air guitar
By wearing that suit, that guy was playing music on the computer just by moving his body.

Knitting and drumming at the same time, for some reason.

They were shooting fire with those gun things. It made children cry.

robot giraffe
The children were happier with the giant robotic giraffe.

He will write you a poem about anything.

Tomorrow, part two of my weekend: The Beer Fest and Flogging Molly.

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Two Parts

  1. Grogged

    The Pirate Guy looks like he should be saying this:

    “Well, sir, the tall fella to your left is a standard model atomic bong. That hombre in the middle is a modulated, twin-compressed vaporizor that also makes a mean bowl of beef chili. This here one in front of me, well… I ain’t precisely sure about the science and whatnot, but you plug these two lightbulb thingies in your ears until you hit your brain, and whoooooeeee!”

  2. Kat!

    Wait…when did Kyle dye his head?! Also, how was the BizarreBazzare? Was it as cool as last year when we say it? Did you get anything?

  3. Joy

    Robin: Hooray! Do the voice for another picture!

    Kat: Hiya. He did it last weekend–bleached his hair. The Bazaar Bizarre was even better than last year, I think. Everything was expanded because of Craft and the vendors were less picked over on Sunday. I bought some neato coasters and an art print of a cool drawing. Fun!

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