Kyle is from Kentucky, so at some point, we decided to have a Kentucky Derby party. Here are pictures.

Guests begin to arrive:

Marcia on cushion

Chris asking about horsies

I made bourbon balls and Derby Pie and of course, we got KFC:


Fried chicken, gravy, biscuits, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and cheese curds. It went over big.

people eating at the derby party

Eric (in the mirror), Justin, Stephanie, Kat, Aaron, Dustin, Kyle, and Chris

Next was the race. Did you know it lasts only two minutes or so? It does. To make things interesting, we all bet on the horses–a dollar a horse, all even odds.

watching the race
Aaron, Robin and Laura watching the race

others watching the race
Likewise Stephanie, Kat, and Chris

No one called the winner, Street Sense. However, Aaron, Paul, and I called the 4th place winner Imawildandcrazyguy. We split the pot three ways, $5 a piece.

Afterwards, we went outside to play Horse Shoes (Get it? Horse shoes?) Justin took some pictures of that in his recap of the party. Meanwhile, I dragged Marcia and Laura to the Artist Colony to see where I’ve been writing.


Marcia and Joy in a tent
Me and Marcia in the tent

Finally, we played with the hacked X-Box, which our friend helped us set up. Kyle and Stephanie are both awesome at DDR. Toward 5 p.m. or so, people started to go home. Still, more fun was to be had when Kyle and other guests started using the DDR pad as a controller for old Nintendo games. You haven’t lived until you have played PacMan with your feet.

Kyle playing Mario Bros.
Kyle on the second level of Mario Bros.

Good times.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Party

  1. marcia

    Sam P. didn’t win! Not even close. I lost a dollar!

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