I helped my parents move this weekendā€¦ in the snow. They are moving to the Sierra Mountains, up by Yosemite. So we dragged my mom’s paintings and my dad’s tools through the muddy paths lined with three feet of snow. It was unpleasant, dirty, cold, and did I mention unpleasant? I don’t recommend moving in the snow if you can help it.

To get to their new house, I took a three-hour drive through California farmlands, through Stockton and Escalon and Oakdale and other rural parts of California. On the way, I passed fields of fruit trees all ruffled and frothy in their spring blossoms. That was the best part of the weekend.

On Sunday, I planted some spinach. It’s probably too early, but the back of the package says to plant in early spring, and everywhere I look, it seems to be spring. The daisies I planted last year seeded and my garden is full of baby daisy blossoms, along with crocus and stock and sorrel. After that, I spent hours pruning the rose bushes in the backyard while listening to an audiobook by DH Lawrence on my iPod. There’s something so satisfying about snipping away dead branches to make room for new growth.

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Leona

    I really like it when you post pictures of flowering things. šŸ™‚

  2. Kat!

    Yay! I was hoping you would find something positive about the trip. (: I bet those fields smelled absolutely heavenly…I adore the yeasty spring scent of blossoming fruit/nut trees! I’m glad you took pictures. Beautiful!

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