It is the holiday season. That means parties! In particular, my 30th birthday party, which we held here at our house. Most of the people I wanted to come came, which made me happy. There were good appetizers and good conversation and also, presents. Here are some photos, taken by party guests, probably Troy and Justin.

Kat, Krista, and Leona

Front: Kyle, Luther, Avi, Me. Back: Kat, Eric, Paul, Sasha

The side of my head, the back of Marcia, and Laura in the corner

Tony, Kyle, and Paul

Justin, Tony, Stephanie, Mark, and Krista

Me, opening presents.

5 thoughts on “Party Pictures

  1. marcia

    It was a good party!

  2. justin

    Yeah, I second that. Had a great time, was impressed by the constant roar of people talking. I feel like I barely had a chance to spend time with everyone. Next time I’ll bring Deconstructed Pesto

  3. leona

    It was a blast!

  4. Avi

    Hey Joy! Thanks for including us, we had a great time at your party.

  5. […] My birthday — Kyle and I went out for French food and he gave me a ruby necklace. Various relatives and friends took me out to eat. Then we had a party to celebrate. […]

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