3 thoughts on “Article: Once upon a TIME in San Rafael

  1. TWM

    I’m fascinated with time, so this story was of great interest to me!

    The only drawback I can see to their plan came from the conclusion of a book I read on ancient weaponry: we have an awful lot of dangerous things buried deep in underground bunkers all over the US, each of them sealed up tight and marked with bright red danger signs. Right? But even there, they aren’t safe from earthquakes, seismic shifts, etc. (And what if someone in the DISTANT future were to stumble upon the entrance to this Pandora’s Box; what if our language changes so MUCH in the far flung future that the word DANGER simply has no bearing on the language of Tomorrow?)

    *sigh* I’m focusing on the clock; I know I shouldn’t. It should be on TIME, and the idea of outlasting ourselves. I just hate to think that this fantastic machine may not last to serve it’s purpose!

    Great article. Do you have any more?


  2. Jordan

    I came across your article before I realized it was your article and was thinking how incredibly cool it was…then I was so happy to see it was you!


  3. joy

    Jordan, thank you! 🙂

    TWM, I’m glad you liked the article. It was really a fascinating subject. If you want to see more of my articles, feel free to look in the clips page: http://www.joylanzendorfer.com/clips/.

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