A. Promise him a romantic home-cooked meal.
B. Make it all vegetarian.

You can broil and stuff an avocado with polenta and chestnuts. You can handmake a rustic tart with homemade crust and use all vegetables from your garden. You can put all this on a plate with a fancy double-gold-medal-winning chardonnay and perfectly cooked green beans (also from the garden).

He will eat it. He will appreciate it. He will agree that vegetables are important and acknowledge your concern that neither of you get enough of them. He will reiterate that he likes vegetables okay. He will thank you for your trouble and tell you that you are wonderful for making him such a nice meal.

But through the whole thing, he will still be looking around for the main course.

4 thoughts on “How To Disappoint A Man From Kentucky

  1. Jordan aka "hippie girl"

    Shucks. If you were my wife, and served me that meal, I’d be the happiest husband on earth.

    Okay, that sounded way weirder than intended.


  2. joy

    Hippy! Bisexual hippy who likes vegetables!

  3. leona

    I love meat, but I may love avocados more. Hmm… I love food.

  4. L'Artiste

    Deeng, that sounds grubbin’. I want that recipe! Very creative. Your garden yields some good stuff, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of your earth the last few weeks and we thank you.

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